You Raise Me Up 怎么翻译,我觉得看每个人的理解,可以是诸神保佑,佛祖保佑,上帝保佑,也可以是祖灵保佑,也可以是爱的激励等等,不一而足。

You Raise Me Up 吉他谱

When I am down 当我失意低落之时

and, oh my soul, so weary; 我的精神,是那么疲倦不堪

When troubles come 当烦恼困难袭来之际

and my heart burdened be; 我的内心,是那么负担沉重

Then, I am still 然而,我默默的伫立

and wait here in the silence, 静静的等待

Until you come 直到你的来临

and sit awhile with me. 片刻地和我在一起

You raise me up, 你激励了我

so I can stand on mountains; 故我能立足于群山之巅

You raise me up, 你鼓舞了我

to walk on stormy seas; 故我能行进于暴风雨的洋面

I am strong, 在你坚实的臂膀上

when I am on your shoulders; 我变得坚韧强壮

You raise me up: 你的鼓励

To more than I can be. 使我超越了自我