I wanna be free(我渴望自由)吉他谱


I wanna be free, 我渴望自由

Like the bluebirds flying by me, 就像飞过我身边的知更鸟

Like the waves out on the blue sea. 像蓝海中的波浪

If your love has to tie me, don't try me, 如果你的爱要束缚我,不要理我

Say good-bye. 说再见

I wanna be free ,我渴望自由

Don't say you love me say you like me,不要说你爱我,说你喜欢我,

But when I need you beside me, 但是,当我需要你在我身旁,

Stay close enough to guide me, confide in me, 靠近我,引导我,信任我


I wanna hold your hand, 我想握住你的手

Walk along the sand, 沿着沙滩散步

Laughing in the sun, 在太阳下欢笑

Always having fun, 总是充满了快乐

Doing all those things,畅快去做所有的事

Without any strings, 没有羁绊

To tie me down. 束缚我

I wanna be free, 我渴望自由

Like the warm September wind, babe, 就像温暖,九月的风,宝贝

Say you'll always be my friend, babe.说你永远是我的朋友,宝贝

We can make it to the end, babe,我们可以让这一切到最后,宝贝

Again, babe, I gotta say: 再一次,宝贝,我必须说:

I wanna be free 我渴望自由

I wanna be free 我渴望自由

I wanna be free 我渴望自由